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I lived in the world of nuclear weapon security, safety & reliability for 14 years as an army officer in both active and Reserve components. My last assignment included installation and management of an enterprise-class network for a very visible person. I spent 20 years studying and implementing computer/network security to make the client’s experience online as private, secure and as safe as possible. https://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/ar50-5.pdf

My background is a story of using technology to provide successful outcomes for news reporting and marketing. For one example, I successfully developed and used new technology to improve market analysis for more granular insights into the needs of 7,400 B2B customers in order to find which would be amenable to using a new air separation technology. That may not seem to be exciting now, but in the early 1980’s it looked like magic. I have continued (through long hours of research) to stay ahead of the technology learning curve in order to apply profitable solutions in every professional endeavor, whether marketing, journalism or network security.

In the last fifteen years I have been developing solutions to allow practical remote reporting by journalists – to include one in a theater of war, thousands of miles away before it was done routinely by civilians. I implemented cellular data transfer before it was accepted by the industry to transmit news reports from the field to editors, and then trained journalists how to use the new systems. I saw the future of social media, and implemented it as a business tool before it was popular.

Now, as the leading Cyber Defender at Pilum Tech, I can assist you with your online security concerns, general networking questions or updating your software. As a matter of fact, if you ask me questions here with your comments, I can also assist you.

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