Windows update? No way! I have work to do! Later!

Or. Why is it taking all day to update Windows?

It seems that every time I want to use my Windows 10 computer, I have to wait through an update. For me, it may take only a friggin’ hour. However, for some friends it has taken all day – ALL DAY.  I was there for one of them.

It doesn’t make any difference which update that triggers the update jail-time. You are caught. You are caught because one of those updates that you deferred, won’t. It starts and the computer hangs – or seems to do so.

That’s when I get the call. “The computer is frozen.” It can’t be used and doesn’t respond. This usually happens when Microsoft issues a CRITICAL update. It is fixing one of those vulnerabilities that might get its executives hauled before Congress after regular folks lose their IDs and bank information – not to mention medical data. So, you WILL update! You click on the acknowledgement for the software to update itself. That’s when the sh1t hits the fan. The computer restarts and just sits there – perhaps for hours.

Most of the time, this loss of use – for a day perhaps – is caused by failure to update when the machine wants to update. It doesn’t care what reason you might want to use the computer. 60 Minutes has already left messages for the Microsoft execs and you will update before Congress gets back in session. Of course, I am joking about 60 Minutes and Congress (maybe not that much). However, the point remains, you just have to update when the computer tells you – just after you perform that crucial task that couldn’t wait. If you wait until the next two or three updates go by, then you are what we call in the I.T. business – screwed. The next time, you will be in computer jail, awaiting the update gods to finish their sacrificial ritual with your computer.

SOLUTION – most of the time

If you are using Windows 10, then follow the guidance below. If not and you are using Windows 7, then you must update when you are notified PERIOD! **Exception: If you have business custom software program on your computer, you should stop and call that software vendor. Otherwise, an update may screw up that custom software .

You have to leave your computer on for the following to work.

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