Why you should use a VPN; Vendors that you might want to avoid

Public WiFi, crooks in compromised networks and Internet Service Provider snoops – All of them want your information. And I am not even getting started. You need to protect yourself.

And here are the PC Magazine 2018 VPN reviews!


According to recent research, 26 VPNs out of 115 collect 3 or more important log files which are deeply hidden in their privacy policy.

These include the following “paid” VPNs:

logging policy
Many VPNs still keep logs, one way or another…
  1. PureVPN
  2. HideMyAss
  3. HotSpot Shield
  4. VPN Unlimited
  5. VyprVPN
  6. Astrill
  7. ZoogVPN
  8. Buffered
  9. TigerVPN
  10. Boleh VPN
  11. Anonymizer
  12. IPinator
  13. Seed4.me
  14. AnonVPN
  15. FlyVPN
  16. SunVPN
  17. iPredator
  18. HideIP VPN
  19. VPN Gate
  20. HolaVPN
  21. Faceless.me
  22. Betternet
  23. Ace VPN
  24. Flow VPN
  25. Freedom-IP
  26. IronSocket

VPN logs

Read more here:  https://thebestvpn.com/118-vpns-logging-policy/


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